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Radio surgery is a procedure by which tissue is cut or coagulated b y Electrical Energy using radio waves. This energy is concerted into heat a s a result of tissue resistance, but unlike Electro-cautery, the heat is generated in the tissues themselves and the actual electrode remains cold. The cells are vaporised on the path of the radio-waves causing them to split apart, much like a hot knife through butter. No pressure is needed. This results in less tissue trauma to the cells, less fibrous scaring, less post operative discomfort an d a better cosmetic result.

  • Cuts as fine a laser but at a fraction of the price.
  • Effective haemostasis without burning.
  • Bloodless Excisions.
  • There is no need for tissue tension – the cutting action required is more akin to the gentle stoke of an artists brush
Ideal For:
  • Incisional or Excisional Biopsy.
  • Shave Biospy.
  • Haemostasis.
  • Spider naevi and thread Veins.
  • Ingrown toenail.
  • Debulking tumours.
Useful In:
  • Genral Practise.
  • Dermatology.
  • General Surgery.
  • Plastic Surgery.
  • Gynaetology.
  • Opthalmology.
  • E.N.T. surgery.
  • Podiatry.
  • Dentistry.
  • Veterinary.

Radiosurgical Device

surgitron dual frequency rf

Surgitron®Dual Frequency RF/120 IEC

Surgitron® 4.0 MHz Dual RF/120 IEC redefines your surgical results with 4.0 MHz Radiowave Technology

Surgitron® Dual Frequency RF - IEC3A-S30

Shipped with:
IEC-PC110 Power Cord (for 110v)
IEC-PC220 Power Cord (for 220v)
DF-FSC - Dual Footswitch & Cable
Instruction Manual
- IEC Foot-Controlled Handpiece
- IEC 3-Button Fingerswitch Handpiece
- Handpiece Clip
- Instructional CD-ROM
- IEC Bipolar Cable
- IEC Neutral Plate
- Standard Electrode Set
IEC-JXB - IEC Bipolar Cable
IEC-NPB - IEC Neutral Plate
IEC-NPD - IEC Neutral Plate
IEC-3FHPB/D1 - Sterile/Single-Use 3-Button Fingerswitch Handpiece
H66 - Electrode Protector Stand
1 set of Specialty Specific Electrodes included

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Surgitron® Radiolase® II

High Frequency - Low temperature


There is no further need to debate the virtues of monopolar versus bipolar technology for minor surgery. The ellman® Radiolase ll affords surgeons the ability to utilize both monopolar and bipolar modalities at, the frequency scientifically and clinically proven to produce the least amount of lateral heat and tissue alteration.

This technology goes beyond the laser and beyond bipolar in terms of tissue preservation and safety, all at a very affordable price.

Shipped with:
IEC-HPI Foot-Controlled Handpiece with Locking Chuck
IEC-NPC Neutral Plate
RL2-L1 Operation Manual
RL2-FSC Dual Footswitch
IEC-1FHPA One-Button Fingerswitch Handpiece
IEC-BC/1 Bipolar Cable
IEC-PC110 Power Cord (for 110v)
IEC-PC220 Power Cord (for 220v)
DSEP40 40 Medical Electrode, assortment package, sterile/single use, "J" series bipolar forceps (Item number determined by selection)

surgitron emc Surgitron® FFPF EMC

High Frequency-Low Temperature

  • Minimal Tissue Alteration
  • No Burning or Charring of the tissue
  • Bacteria-free Incisions
  • Reduced Surgical Time
  • Improved Visibility of Operative Field
  • Maximized Hemorrhage Control
  • Pinpoint Coagulation

EMC 110A (for 110v)
EMC 220A (for 220v)

Shipped with:
- Foot-Controlled Handpiece with Locking Chuck
DSEP40 - Medical Electrode Assortment Package (Sterile/Single Use)
H4 - Neutral Plate
EMCL1 - Operation Manual
PC110 - EMC Power Cord
H79 - Handpiece Clip
H66 - Electrode Protector Stand
DVD/EMC1 - Instructional Video


Surgitron® Radiolase® l

High Frequency-Low Temperature

  • Maximize hemorrhage control
  • Bacterial free incisions
  • Planning of soft tissue unique to radiosurgery
  • Reduced operating time
  • Pressureless incisions

Shippped with:

IEC-HP1 - Foot contolled handpiece
IEC-NPC - Neutral Plate
RL-SL1 - Operational Manual
VCD/PC5RRL - Video
RL-FSC - Footwitch
H79 - Clip
IEC-1FHPA - One Button fingerswitch handpiece
IEC-PC110 - Power cord (for 110v)
IEC-PC220 - Power cord (for 220v)
DSEP40 - 7 Medical assortment package Sterile/Single-use


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